Carol grew up in a Christian home on a small farm near New Paris, PA (Bedford County). While she grew up knowing the stories from the Bible, she never really understood how they applied to her life. At the age of 17, she came to the realization that she needed to personally accept Jesus as her Savior.

Carol earned her B.S. degree in education from Lock Haven University. While she was there, she became involved in the minstry of Campus Crusade for Christ. They made a huge impact on her life as she learned to study the Bible, pray, and share her faith with others. Upon her college graduation, Carol joined the staff of Campus Crusade and served with them for two years on the campus of Ball State University in Muncie, IN. In 1986, Carol returned home to pursue a teaching position.

A year later, Carol relocated to Atlanta, GA where she taught in Christian schools for the next 25 years. During that time she also completed her Master of Education degree at Covenant College and her Educational Specialist degree at Liberty University. Teaching in Christian schools allowed her to follow her two passions - teaching and talking about her faith.

In 2012, Carol returned to Bedford County, PA, to be near her family. Her current position is the department chair for computer science at the Grier School in Tyrone, PA. (Grier is an international boarding school for girls.) At Grier, she sponsors the Alpha Omega Club which meets weekly for Bible study and prayer.

Carol is very involved in her local church. She teaches an adult Sunday school class and a women's Bible study. She sings in the choir and serves on the worship team. She also loves to be involved in youth events.

In 2015, Carol went back to school and in 2016 she earned a graduate certificate in Christian ministry from Liberty University.

She is the author of three Christian books, Hope in the Midst of the Storm, Passionately Pursuing Jesus, and You Don't Have To Be A Victim. All of these books are currently available on Amazon.

As a gifted teacher and communicator, Carol loves to share with others about her faith in Christ. She has a great way of taking material and presenting it so that everyone in the audience can understand and relate to it. Her love for Jesus and people shine through her presentations as she inspires, encourages, and challenges them to a deeper faith, all the while reminding them of God's great love and mercy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and your talk. You get better and better with each talk. I can tell God has an anointing on your life and I thank you for being obedient to His call. I was blessed big time. ~ Priscilla Hays, CRIFC

Thank you so much for coming to our ladies fall retreat and sharing from your heart. Great Bible study and a sincere message. You are a true blessing. ~ Barb Thomas, Ladies Fellowship of the 4 C’s

As gifted as Carol is as an instructor, clinician, and leader, she is an even better person. Carol’s character is of the highest caliber and she lives out her faith with an authentic and genuine level of integrity. She is thoughtful, sensitive to the needs of others, and an excellent role model. ~ Chris Cleveland, Wesleyan School Headmaster

I have known Carol to be an individual with strong character, high integrity, and exceptional leadership skills.
~ Connie White, Director of Learning Design and Innovation - Woodward Academy

Carol is a detail-oriented manager who is passionate about doing her job with excellence. She is a clear communicator, a meticulous planner, and a skilled problem solver. She desires to see the people in her care grow and challenge themselves. ~ Heidi Lloyd, Wesleyan School